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An Open message to Namco bandai.

If on the very tiny off chance that any one off Bandai’s production staff or market researchers are reading random blogs off their fans, let me just make a tiny request for you people. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND HOLY JESUS PLEASE STOP MAKING DRAGONBALL Z VIDEO GAMES!

seriously, its bad enough that there are over 9000 characters but the more I think about Dragonball Z the less sense it makes. ignore the fantasy aspect for a second but Dragonball Doesn’t make sense in Anime at all.

So Ninja’s and Pirates get deemed as heroes but Martial artists who fly aren’t? Yu Yu Hakusho has the spirt detectives but they get a pass off hate and fear? hell a lot of DBZ stupidity can be shown in all the video games excluding a certain few. Some animes even go out of their way just to have matching costumes and hairstyles. remember when Bojack’s escape was triggered after the explosion of King Kai? or hell how about the pointless movie of bring Broly back from the dead just to make him look like a moving batch of slug just to kill Trunks and Goten only for the next DBZ movie to focus on Hell getting ripped to shreds and Goku and Vegeta had to revert to working together? 

If anything the video games just keep repeating the same real aspects of DBZ which keeps making me think what little sense the series makes. Think about it, it started off with pointless games on the NES and Famicom and japan only games for the SNES, by the playstation era you just had games that were well and truly broken. by the Playstation 2 you had the Budokai games, the first 2 just being rushed out and to easy to finish with no hassle, they got the series right with the 3rd Budokai Only for them to REBOOT the series into the Budokai Tenkaichi series and even then I only really cared for the 2nd one as it was the most accurate to the DBZ series and then they did the reboot again this time with Burst Limit and Raging Blast. 

If anything of all the Dragonball games out there, the only one I really have full liking for besides Budokai tenkaichi 2 would maybe be the PSP title Shin Budokai 2 and that was just the Majin Buu saga and what it would of been in the Future of Trunks and even then it was still overly complicated and random.


I will be getting Battle of Z now that I’d seen the Price had proper off being over £45 but please Namco Bandai, Give the licence a break.

but thats just me. I’m still a DBZ fan, its just I’ve just made a random breakthrough in the series.

Anime Seminar

Anime has a large place in the media Industry, partly because its one of the main media of Japan and is popular in the west. An audience will have many reasons to want to watch or have a look at specific anime. Usually a start for people who want to be into anime would be from the anime Dragonball.


Seminar. What my theoretical concept consists of.

As my seminar classifies anime, I will be producing a documentary styled film relating the key aspects of anime to genre theory. By researching into the genre theory I will conceder the work of Steve Neal and Robert Altman (not the director but the theorist) and look at intertexttuality and borrowing from other genres.  I am hoping to find some academic research papers.

I will relate this topic by using the anime franchise Dragonball as the case study and discuss how anime has converged into the industry and the fan culture.

Jack Brading A2 media blog written 1/11/2011

Jackbradling accessed 3/12/13.


Steve Neale is a Professor of Philosophy and Linguistics at the City University of New York, who has analysed all forms of modern genre and how they are influenced by certain economic and social factors. His perception is as follows:


Steve Neale’s perception is that “genres exist within the context of a set of economic relations and practices”.


Steve Neale argues that Hollywood’s generic regime performs two inter-related functions: i) To guarantee meanings and pleasures for audiences. ii) To offset the considerable economic risks of industrial film production by providing cognitive collateral against innovation and difference.

This means that segregating types of film into genres is important so that audiences can recognize the type of film and in categorizing the film in this way, recouping production costs is guaranteed through the film meeting the right market.


Neale goes on to add that genre is constituted by “specific systems of expectations and hypothesis which spectators bring with them to the cinema and which interact with the films themselves during the course of the viewing process”.


Neale goes on to add that genre is constituted by “specific systems of expectations and hypothesis which spectators bring with them to the cinema and which interact with the films themselves during the course of the viewing process”. This means that when people look for anime they are expecting certain criteria in their viewing which match the anime mold.


For example, in Anime the audience will expect different animation style to American made cartoons

Using example of clips of American made cartons and Japanese anime.


Anime is evolved from Japanese manga which are Japanese comics.

Example of manga shown.


Manga is very detailed, has ideal drawing styles, different looks on the characters with weird styles on their faces, uses more emotion in the speech bubbles like spikey looking ones for angry and embracement, all in black and white, artists style of drawing.   


Clips involving the point of lower censorship in japan compared to other contraries and their TV censorship.


Clips of the frame rate differences like comparing an anime scene of slow movement to a cartoon of fast play.


Clips of the fighting on anime.


Slideshow of Anime’s people may be aware of.


Slideshow of Anime’s people may not know about.


Slideshow of various anime creators and some work they developed.


Artists of anime have learned how to overcome the limits to animation in creative ways.


Anime has trickier ways and expensive to make emotion on faces.

Access FM (YMCA)

For the last 3 day’s I was in the YMCA doing work based learning on a radio station that is local to where I live. the station is called Access FM and has been the local radio station of my local area since June 2013. Going in the building itself and seeing the confronce rooms I felt as if I was accually doing some really heavy learning like it was an ultra importent project.

The Project itself consisted about getting into teams of 3 or 4, make up your own radio segment, what to put in that segment and who will do what. we were shown examples of the automated clock that showed us what an hour would look like for a radio show and we were also given a standard hour guide showing all the vocabuary within the clock which included the lowdown, bed, punchtuator, speed link, talk over and other production elements.

from all the production elements, I learned that you need to show specific branding for that station and aviod promotion and advertising. We also learned that there are 3 diffrent types of show which was a liveshow, voice tracked show which means a show thats been pre taped and non voiced show. we learned about when to produce what type of show.

At first I was never fully aware of the pre taped things which I always assumed was played 30 seconds delayed or live though I will assume it is to do with time diffrences or issues.

I was pleased that I had commen sence about the whole presentation and guides that the stations use however I did learn a lot about general music policy, jingles and sweepers, commercals, promos and product placing and some good tips for interviewing people.

In the task we were all put in teams of 3 or 4 regarding the task, I was in a group of 3 being with Shaun and Nicola, the premiss of our idea would be a good one as we felt that the subject matter would be a good way to fill a gap in the market. We called it the Amazing hour which talks about the topic of comic books and whether people tend to read them. our focus was to basically have a show where people can text in and tell use questions and opinions of our subject matter and see where it would go from there. I was presenting along side Shaun while Nicola was basically help produce the show giving us the cue and assist us with the overall production and music placing. for the acual recording of the show it helped that I made a big large voice for the show that I felt I needed to introduce people to the show and what it overall was since I knew people would pay attention. when being assest over the show by the end of our time at YMCA we were told about our show and what it managed to show, reception was positive with people saying that our show was clear, grab people’s attention, give people a laugh and was one of the few radio shows to debate on comics. we were told however that product placement was an issue as we would get complants and get threats of being sued and off the air, there was also complaints about the inconsistent voice over’s being from simple and easy to hear to just just to quick to understand so people couldn’t get what anyone was saying.

We all learned about the process of making a radio show that you must take into account that you will need to stay on the overall topic of the show you are producing and the things you will need to take in order to make sure your show can be easy to hear and get an understanding of what the subject is. when hearing the other radio shows i felt as if there was too much going on in one time and felt as if the messages was not that clear that much dispite the subject matters being pritty good and good for those wanting to know.

Pacific rim viewing

yesterday evening I was watching Pacific Rim and after watching, I was well happy with how it went well done, great use of CG, stylish characters with their own personalitys and legit drama.

the story goes that monsters called Kaiju attack earth and the armed forces and heavy weapons are no match for all the heavy attacks, so the only way to stop the giant monsters is to created giant robots called Hunters or Jaguer as they are described as. things go well at first ith Kaiju dropping like flys but in time, more start coming and get much stonger with Jaguer’s becoming scrap metal. with how bad things are becoming, the goverment gives up on the project. so the leader Stacker Pentecost start a resistence to combat Kaiju with the best jaugers and the many polets including Raleigh a former Gypsy Danger poilet who’s scared from his past becasue of what happend, (I refuse to say what it is so watch the film for real) and Mako a Japanise girl who will do anything to make the Kaiju exstinct. tension also comes as Australian Striker Eurkia polet Chuck knows he’s the man of the job but Raleigh wants to prove himself.

So the film itself, awesometastic, for me the first reason for me to see this was my childhood memorys of power rangers, remebering the megazord battles as they were one of my fav parts of the shows. there are many anime that could relte to pacific rim as they are insperation and there are loads of giant robot anime out there.

the Jaguers were all great lookin and had many trates to them, each jauger reuires 2 polets linked by each others minds and controls them, its hard sure but really pays off when the job is done.

the jaugers include, Gyspy Danger the american main hero, Striker Eurkia the Australian speed machine, Cherno Alpha the russian walking tank and Crimsion Typoon the chinise triplet machine with 3 arms for combat. each jauger controls like a giant robot would be and the polets need to be kinda skilled to get ised to there machines.

the monsters were very threatning, large in number and can combat jauger’s very well using acid, sharp claws and bitting attacks. the army’s attacks on them at the beggining is as effective as a fork hitting a cardboard box so teh jauger’s are the only way of taking them on.

I could go on more and more but then I would be spoling things so do yourself a favor and GO SEE THE MOVIE! its well done, has good pacing and the most enjoyable movie of the summer, so what are you waiting for.


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